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    My Book, “Can You See If I’m A Bee?”, won the runner-up award for best children’s picture book in the San Francisco Book Festival Contest.


    I am honored to win this award as thousands of authors compete for it. I’m thankful that organizations like this exist as it gives authors the opportunity to get recognition for their hard work.


    It is nice to know that the judges recognized that bees are endangered and that there needs to be more publicity and education regarding this.

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    What Readers Are Saying...

    Wonderful book for anyone interested in science

    "It is a great factual book about bees and their importance to the life chain. The illustrations are beautiful. Well written, engaging, an overall great read for children and adults!"

    I'm a bee?

    "My 7 yr old granddaughter is very curious and loves learning. This book will teach her so much about bees through a wonderful fun informative text. Also the illustrations are very colorful. I know she will love it!"

    Very creative and educational

    "I purchased this book for my nieces and nephews. I was so impressed with the information and the way it was presented. The illustrations are so cute and realistic. I know the children will love these books and enjoy learning all about the many different types of bees. I know I learned a great deal reading it."

    Engaging. Fun & Informative

    "As a Mom of 3 this book is a must have for anytime reading. Author, Ms. Edwards, manages to make "bee science" fun while also being informative. I'm thrilled that we've added this book to our library. I highly recommend it for parents as well as elementary school science teachers and libraries."

    Wonderful book for teaching kids about native bees!

    "I was very impressed with the details and accuracy!'

    Who knew there were so many kind of bees?

    "The author did an excellent job telling the story of bees and the illustrations are well done. As an adult I learned so many things I did not know about bees and I look forward to sharing this book with my young grandchildren and young visitors. We are never too old to learn!"

    So informative and well written

    "My five year old grandson is extremely interested in insects. This book is not a story about bees but it’s full of information about bees and insects that are similar to bees. I can see this book being used as a teaching tool that is fun and informative. The clever rhymes make learning fun. My grandson loved the illustrations and the book in general."

    Who knew?

    "Who knew there were so many different types of bees, and 'wanna' bees? A fun and informative read. With the disappearance of bees worldwide, it's more important than ever that our kids understand and appreciate the role bees play in our environment. Spread the word!"

    Great book for kids and parents informative, fun, beautifully illustrated

    "Great book to have elementary school kids learn about bees. Well written and illustrated. Bee conservation and details on bees sections are good for kids, parents and teachers."

    Beautiful and educational -- great for kids!

    "A wonderful book, beautifully written and illustrated. Who knew that there are so many kinds of bees and "wanna bees"? I'll be buying several copies for my friends' children!"