• Can You See If I’m A Bee?

    Written by Melissa Garrick Edwards, Illustrated by Jonathan Woodward

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    “This well-crafted, fact-filled book by landscape architect-turned-children's book author Edwards and veteran wildlife illustrator Woodward provides answers with rhyming text and eye-catching images. The work highlights the importance of bees to the planet and introduces some of the remarkably varied members of the bee family to curious young readers… A book of entomological facts and authoritative illustrations, all delivered with a light, child-friendly touch.” --Kirkus Reviews


    Did you know that there are over 20,000 species of bees, that they are vital to our medicine and food supply chain, and that their population is declining by alarming numbers?

    A critically-acclaimed book, Can You See If I’m A Bee?, written by a landscape architect with a passion for conservation, is dedicated to teaching children – and adults – about the unique world of bees and other flying insects that resemble or interact with bees.

  • Bees are critical to our survival, something many people don’t realize. Children don’t know all of the good that bees do, that many bees lack stingers, and that bees are in danger. My hope is that this book will help inform and empower others to learn and take action to help the bees.

  • This book teaches children all about bees in a rhyming, whimsical way. They learn about some of the different species of bees as well as insects that look like or mimic them. Children will be surprised by the fact that all bees don't look alike. There are funny facts about some of the bees and children are also taught why bees are so important and what they can do to help save these essential pollinators from extinction.

    At the end of the book, an appendix offers more information about the various bee specifics and mimics, should elementary school teachers or parents wish to go into further depth teaching the children about bees. The book is supported by realistic, life-like illustrations from wildlife illustrator Jonathan Woodward.

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  • Melissa is a landscape architect with an interest in conservation. She grew up in Belvedere, California and developed a love of nature by playing in the beautiful surroundings of Marin. She was also inspired by Marin's legendary naturalist and environmental educator Mrs. Elizabeth Terwilliger. While designing an outdoor classroom for an elementary school, Edwards learned about how different species of bees are vital to our environment and food sources. Taking their fight for survival seriously, she became interested in conserving bees and other pollinators. Edwards decided that, like Mrs. Terwilliger, she wants to get children excited to learn about nature and the environment.

    There is no other children's book quite like this one,” proclaims Edwards. “Research shows that rhyme is an important tool for teaching children, preparing them to make predictions while learning words, giving them crucial decoding skills. I use rhyme to tell the story of bees because it makes it fun to read and helps children learn. Whether kids are read to – or they read it by themselves – they will feel engaged in the story.”

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  • “With its playful rhyming text, detailed, lifelike illustrations, and wealth of facts about amazing insects, this book makes learning about bees fun. … Learning about pollinators is fun in the picture book, Can You See If I’m A Bee?, which introduces the amazing worlds of bees and pollinating insects, encouraging their protection.”

    --Clarion Foreword Review

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