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    Melissa Garrick Edwards

    Melissa Edwards is a landscape architect with 40 years of experience in her field. She has been involved with designing, planning and managing both built and natural environments, emphasizing improving human and environmental health. Her philosophy is to create sustainable landscapes that benefit both humans and the natural world by creating outdoor spaces that are not only beautiful but create habitats for pollinators and other wildlife.


    Edwards grew up in Belvedere, California, spending most of her childhood playing outdoors in vacant lots making forts out of sticks and climbing trees. She has memories of her mother chiding her as she cut pine sap out of her hair, but this didn't stop her from finding every chance that she could to go outside to explore and study nature.


    She became a licensed landscape architect after receiving her bachelor's degree at The University of California at Berkeley.

    Her passion for conservation and subsequent career choice was sparked during her elementary school days when renowned naturalist and environmental educator Elizabeth Terwilliger made regular appearances in her classes.


    While designing an outdoor classroom for an elementary school, Edwards learned about many species of bees that were unknown to her and that these unsung insect heroes are vital to our environment and food sources. Taking their fight for their survival seriously, she became interested in conserving bees and other pollinators.


    She was inspired to write her first book, Can You See If I'm A Bee?, a rhyming picture book so that children (and adults) could enjoy learning about these extraordinary creatures and become interested in saving them.


    Edwards lives with her husband in California and Florida. She has also lived in Mississippi, Texas, South Korea, and Singapore. She is the mother of two sons and a spoiled but loyal, Abyssinian cat. When she isn't writing other children's books that rhyme, you can find her with friends and family, gardening, golfing or browsing bookstores and libraries.